I am so happy you are here!
Hey there! My name is Lindsay and I am a 21 year old photographer based out of Long Island.
I was born and raised in Huntington, NY & I am currently a film student in my senior year of college working towards getting my BFA in Film Production.
From the earliest age, I made films with my dads VHS camera and as years would go by, I would always be gifted small cameras for me to learn on. I didn’t care if they were low quality, I had so much fun. I don’t ever remember a time in my life where I wasn’t making silly little films or taking photos. It has always been my whole entire life.


Thinking about making a career out of what I loved was never a question for me. Capturing moments in time to cherish forever is one of the most important things to me; truly. I love sharing that gift with others. 
My photographic style focuses on lots of candid & natural moments with a warm, moody look.

...a few of my favorite things...
+ burgers & fries
+ relaxing at the ocean
+ my boyfriend, michael <3
+ watching the sunset
+ being a cat mama to mittens
+ spending quality time with friends & family
+ home cooked meals
+ online shopping
+ podcasts

I started my business in May 2021 and I never looked back. I can confidently say that I am in the right place. Thank you to everyone who has taken a chance on me thus far.
I hope you can appreciate my work just as much as I do.​​​​​​​